8 Essential Travel Tips: Extended Travel for You and Your Partner

Things you should know about long-term traveling as a couple.

Holidays and Travel 09th Oct, 2021

Preparing to travel for a more extended trip is overwhelming. If you want to prepare for what might be, here you have a checklist to guide you through the process of long-term travel. 



1. You Won’t Always Sleep In The Best Of Places: 

You cannot travel for a year and sleep in the best beds unless you are a billionaire. If you are an average person like most of us, you must feel really comfortable with the hostel dorms. 

2. All Your Conversations Will Eventually Become Routine: 

Spending every second of every day next to each other is not exactly good for exciting dinner conversation. If one of you leaves the room without the other, suddenly there is much more to catch up on than usual. For example, knowing about the bathroom can be an exciting new topic of conversation. 

3. You Will Miss Each Other Much More Than Usual For Brief Periods

When traveling together for a long time, you grow accustomed to each other’s company at unprecedented levels. Even a single trip to the market alone can feel like you are missing your other half. 

4. At Some Point You Will Stop Feeling Like Two Different People, And You Will Start Feeling And Acting Like A Connected Person: 

Your partner will feel like an extra bond, an extension of yourself, which, yes, does sound a bit romantic but will quickly go from romantic to strange. This simply shows how long-term travel can affect the dynamics of your relationship. If you don’t feel ok with it, you might want to take a break from traveling for a while. 

5. You Start Wearing Matching Outfits: 

Although you would have deliberately chosen different wardrobes, for fear of accidentally choosing the same outfit, inevitably you will find yourself mirroring your partner’s fashion pallet.

6. Most Of Your Arguments Involve Hunger, Exhaustion, Or Excessive Demands: 

You will learn to interpret your partner’s irritability. You will also learn to ask your partner a couple questions so that you can solve them as quickly as possible and get your partner back. You will learn the power of a snack, a coffee, or that a few minutes of quiet sitting is much more effective than fighting. Don’t let those feelings take over because you will soon find yourself in the mode of total meltdown.

7. You Will Learn Not To Take Arguments Personally: 

Travel is challenging, and no couple is safe from the occasional fight. They are unavoidable. You will learn not to take it personally if your partner scolds you for being in a bad mood, hungry, tired, or simply overwhelmed. This is much easier said than done, but once you get there, most of your arguments will no longer be disturbed. This means that you can get back to your regularly scheduled adventures sooner rather than later. 

8. Your Partner Will Become Your Best Friend: 

Sure, at first, people think that romantic partners will never be their best friends. During long-term travel, you will soon discover that your partner is your best friend in the whole world. This will be reassuring and intimate. It will take your relationship to the next level.

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