LGBTQ Travel In a Post Pandemic Place

Best tips for planning the perfect gay-friendly vacation.

Holidays and Travel 25th Sep, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic caused the interruption of the travel industry with international border restrictions, flight reductions, and the closure of hotels and other tourist activities. As the world approaches the end of 2021, the probability of tourism returning to normal is finally on the horizon. The vaccine distribution will undoubtedly require time, and each region and country will address the restrictions differently. Fortunately, the United States is ahead of the curve, and opportunities for safe trips are starting to look good. Here you have the most important things to consider when planning a trip abroad.   


To determine your budget, decide where you want to go and what you will do there. Consider the price of the accommodation and transportation, along with the cost of excursions, entrance fees to unique sites, rental of vehicles, food, and the like. Don’t forget the gifts and shopping for souvenirs. Traveling is not cheap, but you can manage it with a budget. 

Time Of The Year: 

When do you expect to travel? Prices and availability vary considerably according to the season. If you can, avoid national and educational holidays when traveling because these dates usually have high accommodation costs. It is also likely that the prices are higher if you travel to a destination during Pride. 

Conduct a Thorough Destination Search: 

When looking for a welcoming destination for LGBTQ folk, it’s worth doing your research. The internet is filled with information on great deals for same-sex marriage. Just find friendly and welcoming accommodation out of that list to make your selection easy. Check out the most gay-friendly destinations like Sydney, Berlin, San Francisco, Miami, or New York. 

Remember to ask your LGBTQ friends about their best holiday recommendations. 

Find The Best Flights:

Once your destination has been selected, use an online platform to find a suitable flight. These sites usually show rates for dozens of different airlines and costs to and from your airport. You can apply filters to find specific airlines or search for direct flights that do not involve connections. You can also find flights that allow you to make changes after booking, without incurring excess expenses.  

Create a Mini Itinerary:

Create an itinerary from the moment you arrive at the airport, starting with how you get from the airport to your accommodation. Many hotels recommend a local taxi company and will organise their transfers if you communicate with them before the date of arrival, saving you time and money. To make the most of your holiday: write a wish list of activities and places to visit; write down any addresses of the helpful websites, e-mails, and phone numbers; take a look at the reviews of local bars and restaurants and save the numbers so you can book a table in advance; find out which bars are popular at night; and be flexible with your plans, you’re on vacation! Then relax, and go with the flow. 

Be Prepared To Be Flexible With Your Planning:

Although the world is emerging from the pandemic and restrictions are gradually being lifted, there is still a degree of uncertainty related to international travel. Make sure that the reservations you make are flexible and allow unexpected changes in your program. Travel insurance must cover any cancellations, and verify the latest Covid legislation in your destination country before the trip.

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