Improve Your Sex Life: 3 Ways To Achieve This In A Relationship

Tips to spice up your relationship under the sheets.

Sex 09th May, 2021

Romance books, pornography, or role-playing games are all excellent ways to trigger your sexual accelerator and improve your sex life, but they’re rarely sufficient. If you like those things, go ahead and do them. Still, it turns out that most people struggle not because the libido isn’t stimulated enough but because they avoid having sex all the time.

Generally, this is linked to stress. As you may already be aware of, stress is a major problem that constantly affects a relationship.

Also, stress is the number one cause of sex problems. Stress is a defence mechanism that helps you when your body sends you messages that you’re not safe. If you’re not safe right now, is it an excellent time to have sex? Chronic stress will absolutely squelch your sex drive, no matter how hard you try to rev up the engine.

The pressure to maintain a good sex life is a significant source of stress for many long-term couples. This is often the reason they don’t have it regularly. Here are some ideas for how you can reignite and improve your sex life:

improve your sex life

1. Improve Your Sex Life By Scheduling Time For Sex:

Sex is commonly prioritised by couples who remain in long-term, happy marriages. It is often written on their calendars. People usually think that planning sex is not romantic. When you come to think of it though, we already plan the most important things in our life, why should sex be any different.

If you want it, put it in the calendar. Scheduling sex allows you to focus on something that is causing you stress, whether related to work or domestic duties. There is planning time during which you can do whatever it takes to lower the stress levels or warm up your accelerator.

2. Improve Your Sex Life By Avoiding Chasing Your Partner For Sex:

You’re looking for some sex. Your partner, on the other hand, does not. When one partner desires sex, it’s usually out of a need for intimacy rather than pleasure. They want attachment, approval, and to feel wanted by their partner. It can be frightening when the partner continues to say no. 

Don’t say your partner isn’t interested in you because they aren’t drawn to you. Most likely, they’re just exhausted. A partner can’t say no because they are not drawn to you. It usually starts with “I’m so stressed out and tired, and I’m not interested right now.” Then it progresses to chasing your partner for sex.

Chasing your partner is the worst thing you can do if your relationship lacks sex. Pursuing them will make them more stressed and cause them to slam on the brakes.

3. Improve Your Sex Life By Not Focusing On Sex:

Avoid thinking about having sex as the answer to your problem if you want to speed up your sex life. Concentrate on developing intimacy with your partner. You and your partner can go without sex for a certain amount of time. You’ll have more room to be more intimate in other ways once the pressure is off. 

Create time for cuddling and kissing every day when you’re on your sex break. Hugging and kissing can seem insignificant, but they are effective ways to increase intimacy. Furthermore, they can lower stress levels and put you and your partner in the mood for sex.

It strengthens the bond and gives the impression that you are safe and secure with this individual. It also induces non-initiation of physical affection in the relationship.

It never hurts to start at the very beginning. Perhaps this article will help you.

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