How Marriage Beats Addiction and Survives

How Marriages Can Fight Addiction.

Addiction 16th Sep, 2021

Drug addiction has become a world epidemic. Just in the United States, research shows that more than 23 million Americans have had drug problems in the past years. Unfortunately, it is well known that addiction and drug abuse can cause severe problems in any person’s life. Some of these problems include financial stress, emotional instability, poor social skills, and marital issues. 

Drug addiction can be particularly harmful to a person’s marriage regardless of the severity of the habit. Married couples affected by drug addiction often feel that things will never get better, therefore, people often wonder whether a marriage can survive drug addiction. Like any marriage, the survival of this relationship depends on the dedication of both spouses. Unfortunately, many marriages affected by drug addiction end in separation or divorce. Married couples receiving drug addiction treatment can recover though, individually and as a team. Read on to learn more about how the marriage survived drug addiction. 

Marrying An Addict: 

No one wants to see their spouse addicted to drugs. Unfortunately, addictive diseases are heartbreaking and can change lives forever. Drug use can prevent you from functioning as a couple and taking care of each other. Watching your spouse fight against drug addiction can put significant pressure on the marriage. Unfortunately, due to drug addiction in their relationships, many of these couples eventually divorce or separate. 

People who marry addicts face various obstacles every day. Some critical aspects of a healthy marriage include trust, respect, and communication. When it comes to drug addiction, these key aspects are often overlooked. There is a constant mistrust and lack of communication that leads to anger, sadness, loneliness, and resentment. All of these feelings can erode the marriage over time due to ineffective or aggressive communication. This form of chaos in marriage can make healthy operations extremely difficult or impossible. Without professional drug addiction treatment, the marriage cannot survive drug addiction. The good news is that participating in personal therapy and couples’ therapy can restore marriages affected by drug addiction. 

Signs Of Drug Abuse By a Partner: 

In general, partners who suspect that their spouse is abusing should notice changes in behaviour. Drug addiction often leads to changes in the behaviour, mood, and body of the addict. If you suspect that your partner is addicted to drugs, lookout for the following signs of addiction: 

  • Secretive behaviour
  • Isolating from others 
  • Ignoring household responsibilities, such as washing dishes, caring for children, etc. 
  • Neglecting personal hygiene habits, such as brushing teeth, bathing, and wearing clean clothes 
  • Spending money from saving accounts in secret  
  • Experiencing changes in temperament, sleeping patterns, and eating behaviours 
  • Falling behind or receiving disciplinary action at work, or getting fired
  • Symptoms of mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety

The behaviours mentioned above are the primary symptoms of drug addiction, however, other symptoms of drug addiction can vary depending on the individual and the form of drug they use. For example, if your spouse is addicted to stimulants they may experience symptoms such as increased energy, excessive talkativeness, insomnia, and decreased appetite. On the other hand, people who abuse opioids and other sedatives may experience symptoms such as isolation from their environment, external sedation, and an increased need for sleep.

If you are married to an addict, you need to begin therapy right away. This will ensure that your marriage does not become a victim to the addiction. It will also teach you how to strengthen the support system for your spouse, which is fundamental to overcoming addiction.

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