Handy Hints To Maintaining A Long-Distance Relationship When Traveling

How travel affects long-distance relationships and how to avoid disaster.

Relationships 31st Jul, 2021

According to studies, the number of distant partners seems to be increasing. If you look at data from the Census Bureau, approximately 7.5 million married Americans had a long-distance relationship in 2018; this meant a 6.5 million increase compared to 2010. According to Pew Research Center, the percentage of long-distance couples using the Internet has increased, from 18% in 2005 to 25% in 2013. All of this indicates that there is a change in mentality. Baby boomers marry earlier and live together, while millennials are more willing to marry after their lives and careers are established. If you are trying to maintain a long-distance relationship, make sure to have these four qualities: high-quality communication, great scheduling, planning, and trust. Here you have some tips to consider when having a long-distance relationship due to your travel schedule. 

You Will Talk More When Apart Than When You Are Together: 

In addition to calls, you will be sending constant text messages via Messenger and WhatsApp. In addition to chatting, you can also engage in sharing photos on social media. It all comes down to communication and openness with each other, solving problems head-on, and being able to laugh at them. What matters is not how often you speak, but the quality of the conversation. 

Set Some Travel Restrictions: 

It’s about sacrificing, understanding what you will sacrifice, why, and how long it takes to make this sacrifice. In the end, you should only do it if it is worth it to advance your career. If you choose to be together, preventing your partner from traveling can delay their careers, and we don’t want this to happen. 

Traveling Together: 

You need to enjoy traveling to establish a long-distance relationship. If you meet your partner while studying abroad or backpacking though, you are most likely already a travel enthusiast. The love of travel will definitely make the distance more manageable. After some time apart, when you get together, it’s also fun to mix things up and experience a new place, rather than just hanging out in one of your home cities. 

Discuss Your Budget: 

One thing most people don’t think about before starting a long-distance relationship is how expensive it is. Every time you want to see your partner, taking a long-haul flight is costly. A method that can help is to budget together to reach a consensus on major expenses. If you need to travel abroad to visit your partner, consider getting a travel rewards credit card or joining the frequent flyer program. These points will add up quickly. 

Socialising Together And Separately: 

It is unhealthy to spend all the time missing your partner. This probably won’t excite your friends, and it’s not good for your sanity. When you are separated from your partner, take some time to hang out with your friends. You will definitely feel better when you go out, and they can be your support system. The same is true when you finally see your partner again. It is tempting to lock yourself in and spend 100% of the time together, but it can become too stressful and unhealthy over time. Instead, try to make time to meet friends or even go out and socialise with new friends during your visit. 

Arrange Long-Distance “Dating”:

Although it is essential to see each other regularly, it is equally important to make time for your relationship when you are separated. After all, if you are in a long-distance relationship, you will be separated most of the time! So plan online dates as it can help spice up the relationship.

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