Finding True Love On Vacation

Can you find your true love while traveling?

Relationships 23rd Jun, 2021

It’s hard to have and maintain a long-term relationship when you’re traveling. One of the main drawbacks of long-term travel is the lifelong celibacy that comes with it. When you’re always on the go, you’ll never stay in one place long enough to build a lasting relationship with someone. When it’s about to bloom, it’s time for you to go, however, while relationships are challenging to maintain, they do happen!

Finding Romance While Traveling Is Not Difficult:

In the intense forging of travel, romances are quickly born. The same mindset required to open up to new experiences also helps you open up to new people. The ride itself is very romantic, and so it’s no surprise that the ride encourages romance. On the road, we are often the best, or at least our most attractive selves.

When traveling, we are people outside of personalised ads for a short period of our lives: curious, adventurous, full of new ideas and exciting projects. Anyone is more charming when they start exploring a whole new city. Travel speeds up relationships. You can flirt, fall in love, and break up, all in just a few days. In this sense, it is challenging to maintain perpetual celibacy when traveling.

It’s difficult to maintain a long-term relationship when you’re always on the go. You never stay in one place long enough to build a lasting relationship with someone who lives there. If you’re dating another traveler, at some point, it’s time for you (or them) to move on. They go one way, you go another, and that’s the end of your relationship.

What Makes A Relationship Work Under These Circumstances?

What makes these relationships work is that, ultimately, someone changes their life to accommodate the other. Two travellers on separate trips cannot sustain romance from a distance. The charm of the world is just too much. Someone has to say, “Okay, I’m going to move to your place” or “I’ll go to this country with you”. Someone has to give up driving.

Bonds are created very quickly on the road, whether it’s a friendship or a relationship. With no “life” in the way, everyone becomes their best friend in no time. In this case, you form a couple. You don’t think about the person’s future or past. You just enjoy each other’s company for as long as it lasts.

The Importance Of Shared Interests:

“Destination relationships” give travellers a chance to get in touch with people, but without all the emotional turmoil often involved. No luggage/baggage. There is a clear start and end date. No complicated breakups. Sometimes, you’ll end up as good friends. Without a shred of doubt, finding love on a trip is a new experience that not everyone can get used to, but it can help you discover so much about yourself.

People often travel to explore the world independently, which is why very few people change their plans. It’s a big step to change your entire trip or stop it altogether for the sake of someone else. It also puts a lot of pressure on the relationship, and most of the time, no-one wants to think, “What if I keep traveling …”. Nevertheless, you need to be open to love. If you meet someone and can’t know, it won’t work until you try it.

If you both feel the same, you’ll get it. You will find a compromise. Travel romances are like long-term relationships – demanding, stimulating, and, sadly, with terrible failure rates. When they work however, they are perfect.

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