Drug Addiction and Your Relationship

How Counseling Helps Marriages in Trouble With Addiction.

Addiction 15th Sep, 2021

For a long time, people have realised that even if only one partner in the relationship is addicted, both spouses will be affected by the addiction. Couples’ counseling can help solve addiction problems and follow-up relationship problems, but sometimes, one or both members of the couple are confused or offended by the suggestion that they should try couples’ therapy. Here are essential relationship methods that can help with drug addiction recovery and your relationship overall. 

Recognise That Couples Need Support: 

When couples only focus on addiction, problems in the relationship are often overlooked. Although support groups can help, counseling on relationship issues can help couples find new sources of support and guide them to support each other more. 

Allowing Addiction Is A Relationship Problem: 

Although addiction seems to be driven by the addict, it is usually a relationship problem. An un-addicted partner may become addicted inadvertently. When both partners are addicted, it is more difficult for either partner to quit the habit. Facilitating this behaviour is what the partner does to allow the addiction to continue. This is usually unintentional, such as covering up and taking over the responsibilities of the addict. Therapy on relationship issues can help both parties realise these behaviours and help both parties break these patterns.  

How Couples Overcome Emotional Problems: 

Many emotional and stressful life events can be exacerbated by addiction. Issues affecting couples include the death of parents and other relatives, which may be more difficult if the deceased were taking drugs. 

In addition, experiencing the sadness of a miscarriage or the joy of becoming a parent requires a lot of emotional adjustments. When there are relationship problems between partners, addicts can focus on coping with behaviours that exacerbate addiction. As a result, couples can focus on addicts as the problem instead of acknowledging the situation in the relationship. Many addicts have mental health problems at the same time, which can increase emotional stress. Couples’ counseling can help couples to solve emotional problems caused by relationship problems. If you are going through this, you will learn practical methods to support your addicted partner and prevent them from feeling alone and helpless.  

Identify and Solve Problems Caused By Addiction: 

Counseling can help couples identify and solve problems related to addiction itself. These problems may include legal issues, alcohol dependency, drugs addiction, financial problems, gambling, and shopping addictions. Likewise, you can experience health problems due to the nature of these addictions. Most couples dealing with addiction go through a long phase of denial. Although the couple may insist on denying that they have relationship problems due to addiction, relationship counseling can guide them to solve the issues. 

Repair and Solve Relationship Problems: 

The most important help that couples’ therapy provides to partners affected by drug addiction is the mechanisms to face the addiction causes straight on. Although it may be difficult for them to identify and acknowledge relationship problems, the best cure may come from a couple working together to resolve their relationship problems. This includes confronting patterns of lies and secrets, acknowledging past mistakes and avoiding resentment, seeking and giving forgiveness, and ending patterns of abuse.

In the end, it is never easy to deal with addiction. It becomes ten times more complicated if your partner is affected by addiction. Not only will you need to take measures to protect the relationship, but you must do everything in your power to help them defeat the addiction.

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