9 Tips and Tricks To Properly Prepare For Travel

Packaging tips to follow before traveling abroad.

Holidays and Travel 19th Aug, 2021

Packaging is a fundamental step before going abroad. If you don’t organise yourself well, you may forget something essential. Likewise, if you pack too much, you will end up disorganised, filled with heavy luggage, and paying expensive air baggage fees. So, in this article, you will learn about the most helpful packaging rules to always remember on your travels. International travel packaging can be overwhelming, but you want to be prepared for all possible situations. Let’s take a look at the best tips and tricks to make sure you have enough luggage preparation to enjoy your trip. 

1. Make a Packing List: 

When it comes to packing, you need to be organised and focused. Start packing a few days or even weeks before the departure date. This gives you time to compile a complete list and purchase all the necessary items you might need for the travels. Creating a packing list is a reliable way to ensure that you never forget to carry essential items. 

2. Put All Your Travel Documents In a Separate Bag and Always Carry Them With You: 

Never put your documents in your checked luggage, and pay attention to them at all times. In addition, it’s best to take photos of them and email copies to yourself in case you lose them. 

3. Print a Copy Of The Boarding Pass:

Your boarding pass is a necessary item, just like your passport. If you lose it before boarding your flight, you can be in trouble. So, it is always best to print a copy of your pass. That way, you always have a physical backup copy. It won’t matter if your phone’s battery runs out. 

4. Bring a Dual-Voltage Charger For All Your Equipment: 

If you are in the USA and traveling to Europe, ensure that all chargers are dual voltage. That’s because the United States uses 110-volt electricity, while Europe uses 220-volt electricity. If you don’t have a suitable charger, you will break your device. 

5. Know Your Airline’s Baggage Policy: 

Understanding the airline’s baggage policy is the key to any budget-conscious packaging strategy. Most airlines allow passengers to check-in at least one piece of luggage on international flights. Before you start packing, please check your airline’s website and read the baggage’s policies. 

6. Do Not Put Valuable Items In Your Checked Baggage:

It is crucial to put valuable items in your carry-on baggage instead of in your checked baggage. Your passport, ID card, money, credit card, jewellery, electronic equipment, and other valuables should always be in your carry-on. Sometimes, airlines lose your luggage (or the TSA agent can confiscate it). If this happens, you will regret storing your expensive items in your checked baggage. 

7. Make Sure To Charge Your Electronic Devices Before Boarding: 

Sometimes, you board a plane that cannot charge your devices. So, it is always best to charge them before boarding any flights, especially if it is a long-haul flight. Also, be sure to activate the airplane mode before leaving. 

8. Never Forget To Buy Medicine: 

It is essential to pack medicines for your allergy and asthma. Also, get painkillers, sunburn ointment, bandages, electronic thermometers, insect repellents, antacids, sleeping pills, and eye drops. You never know when you will need it. 

9. For Long-Distance Travel, Don’t Bring Too Many Clothes:

Larger hotels can usually choose to do your laundry for you, perfect for two to four weeks of travel. Either way, you can do laundry yourself. Just make sure you have enough time to hang them to dry!

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