7 Destinations Same-Sex Couples Should Avoid

The worst countries for same-sex couple travel.

Holidays 04th Jun, 2021

Gay travellers can face significant dangers depending on their travel destination. Brunei enacted an Islamic law in April 2019 that makes it legal to flog and stone LGBTQ+ people to death, while Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Iran are other countries that have the death penalty on the books. According to experts, gay acts are illegal in 71 countries. In fact, Nigeria tops the LGBTQ+ list as the nation with the highest rate of violence against gay travellers. People may be imprisoned for up to 14 years simply for being gay. 

For LGBTQ+ tourists, Sweden is the safest country on the planet. Since 2009, same-sex marriage has been legal, and the country hosts more Pride festivals per capita than any other country. In this article, you will learn which are the worst countries for same-sex travel.

1. Nigeria 

Nigeria, located in the heart of Africa, was named the most dangerous country for LGBTQ+ people. It received such a high ranking due to the harsh punishments for merely being gay, which include up to 14 years in jail and the death penalty in Sharia-compliant nations. Under the new government, even discussing LGBTQ+ rights is illegal. Nigeria has seen a rise in abuse and extortion against the LGBTQ+ community since enacting the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of 2013.

2. Qatar 

Under Sharia law, any act of homosexuality can result in up to three years in jail, flogging, or death in this Middle Eastern country. Nonetheless, tourism flow to Qatar is expected to soar in anticipation of the 2022 World Cup. The possibility of suspending anti-LGBT laws during the tournament has been debated, and the Qatari government rejected it.

3. Yemen 

In Yemen, being gay is punishable by imprisonment and 100 lashes for both men and women, with married men even facing death by stoning. When it comes to condemning homosexuality, both in its laws and general public opinion, this conservative Muslim nation is serious. 

4. Saudi Arabia 

Under their interpretation of Sharia, Saudi Arabia is another country that imposes the death penalty for consensual homosexuality. Other disadvantages include 100 whippings or a one-year banishment. Men behaving as women or wearing women’s clothing, and vice versa, is also prohibited in Saudi Arabia, making it an incredibly hostile environment for transgender people.

5. Tanzania

Tanzania is a major centre for foreign tourism due to its spectacular natural attractions, such as Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park in East Africa. Unfortunately, any homosexual act in Tanzania carries a sentence of 30 years to life in prison, and the government has recently declined LGBTQ+ activity in the region.

6. Iran

Iran is on this list because of its harsh anti-homosexuality laws, which require 100 lashes or the death penalty for homosexual intercourse and 31 lashes for same-sex acts other than intercourse. According to the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), a transparent same-sex relationship in the Islamic Republic is impossible. Travellers who identify as LGBTQ+ should exercise caution while visiting Iran and avoid public displays of affection.

7. Sudan 

Sudan, an African country bordering the beautiful Red Sea, is incredibly hostile to the LGBTQ+ community. Since homosexuality is a taboo subject in Sudan, LGBTQ+ visitors should keep their sexuality hidden. It’s also a good idea to exercise extreme caution when welcoming guests into your hotel room, as this could lead to legal issues.

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