6 Tips For Road Travel With Your Partner

Handy tips to survive being on the road with your partner.

Holidays and Travel 25th Jul, 2021

Traveling by van has its difficulties and unique challenges. It is not always easy for a couple to live in a van. It takes a lot of work and commitment to cultivating a happy, healthy, and balanced relationship when traveling and living in a small RV. Sometimes, this means setting aside small arguments and communicating clearly with your partner. This article will introduce some basic tips that will help you survive in your van life. 

1. Share Your Responsibilities: 

When people think of married life, they usually imagine an enjoyable long-term vacation, traveling the world with their partner and having the best time. Behind all the photos and videos that we see on social media though, there is a lot of work. When doing the van life, you need to figure out where to sleep, buy things, refuel, buy water, do your laundry, and the list goes on. For a couple, it is much easier to complete these as shared tasks. Try not to put too much pressure on one partner.  

2. Giving Space To Each Other: 

Most people live in a traditional setting, spending more than 40 hours a week at work. Even when at home after work, you can hang out in different rooms, watch TV, or be on your mobile phone. When you move into a van together, you will be spending more time together. Sometimes this can be overwhelming. If this happens, the best way is to go for a walk and clear your mind. We all need space to think and be alone. In a van life, you share a small room with the same person for weeks, months, or years, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend every second together. 

3. Make Time For a Date Night: 

Life in a van is all about feeling comfortable. You can afford to wear tight pants, oversized T-shirts, and sweatshirts every day. Most days, you don’t need to worry about brushing your hair or doing makeup. In the van, even showering once a week is a luxury. If you travel in a van for a long time as a couple, it is however vital to set aside a special time to spice up the romance, get dressed, eat out or watch a movie. Make things exciting and leave the van for a few hours. 

4. Talk About Everything:

When a couple lives in a van, it’s easy to make a big deal out of everything. You name it: financial problems, mechanical issues, a desire to do different activities, or even dirty dishes can be a catastrophic event. If something is bothering you, take some time to calm down and organise your thoughts before talking to your partner. It may help you to write things down, so you can grasp the fundamental ideas. 

5. Get a Trial Run: 

If you go on a van trip with your partner and find that you want to go home within a few days, living in a van may not be your best choice. It’s better to be realistic now than to find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to experience it again. 

6. Try To Be Romantic: 

When you move into a small space like a van, you will soon discover many new things about your partner. This includes things that you don’t usually talk about at home, such as toilet time, stomach problems, menstruation, or even wearing the same underwear for too many days. Inside all of this chaos, you need to remember why you went on a van trip for the first time. Bring out your romantic side and fall in love every single day.

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