6 Relationship Survival Tips For When Your Partner Has To Travel

How to make your relationship work if your partner travels all the time.

Relationships 02nd Aug, 2021

Your relationship is in its best period. The two of you have a stable and predictable schedule. But then, all of a sudden, your partner takes out their suitcase to pack the long trip. As your partner leaves, you begin to feel that your comfortable life morphed into a temporary long-distance relationship. Having a partner on a business trip can be challenging. Still, the distance doesn’t necessarily need to affect your emotional connection. This article will teach you some therapist-approved methods for dealing with long-distance while your partner is traveling abroad.  

1. Communicate In Your Special Way: 

Prior to leaving, take the time to talk about what you need from each other to make this work. Some people find it difficult to send text messages during the day, while others want to keep in touch every hour. For the relationship to flourish, you must define the communication style as early as possible by clearly determining your preferences. 

2. Ask About Their Work: 

Even if this is not the most exciting thing for you, ask them about their meetings so you have an idea of ​​what they are doing. It’s easy to let your imagination go wild, so make sure to know what your partner is doing every day. Also, be sure to regularly share what you are doing so that your partner understands what is happening at home. When you each provide and enquire about these little details on a daily basis, you will begin to imagine each other’s experiences and stay connected.

3. Actively Listen To Your Partner’s Opinions: 

Sometimes, catching up can’t be done every day. Make the most of your limited time together by actively listening to your partner. When you plan to listen to your partner’s thoughts carefully, you are helping him/her process his/her experience. Enjoying your conversation and paying real attention to your partner, you will add a conscious sense of presence to the relationship. 

4. Use Technology To Be Creative: 

Feel connected by finding a way to have fun staying in touch over the internet. Connecting in this way, and seeing each other’s face, you will both continue to think and feel that you are part of each other’s lives. 

5. Maintain a Proper Routine of Physical and Mental Practice: 

Practicing meditation and yoga every day is beneficial to stay focused while your partner is miles away. The goal is to feel good about your partner and yourself. Cultivating inner peace through the practice of meditation allows people to practice breathing and awareness throughout the day. This can help reduce anxiety, physical tension and improve self-awareness so that you can rely on yourself. 

6. Use Empathy To Mitigate Physical Gaps: 

Always keep in mind that being miles away is not fun for your partner either. When they travel the world for work, they still feel lonely. They will experience emotions like sadness, abandonment, resentment, and bitterness. You need to do your best to help them. Do not encourage this kind of behaviour. Don’t hold it back either, as this will only cause more stress. Take the time to acknowledge your emotions as a couple. Feeling safe and comfortable enough to keep the channels of communication open, shows that your relationship is important. Open dialogue will also help prevent future fights, so you can stay focused on each other when you are reunited.

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