6 Mistakes To Avoid When Traveling With Your Partner

Mistakes that could ruin your romantic couples' trip.

Holidays and Travel 30th Aug, 2021

Whether you have been together for months or decades, couples’ travel will bring with it a unique set of challenges. Even the most connected and communicating couples will experience setbacks. To help you solve problems before they appear, and deal with them calmly during the journey, here you have some common vacation mistakes that couples often make. 

1. Not Having a Real Purpose For The Trip: 

Even though you may have determined where to go, you should discuss why you are going before making any plans. You don’t need to have a purpose for every trip, but determining a purpose in advance will help avoid conflict during the trip. Having a purpose is great to reconnect, enjoy family time, relax, or go on an adrenaline-pumping adventure. This will ensure that there are similar expectations and fewer surprises. 

2. Letting One Person Make All The Plans: 

In many relationships, one person likes doing the planning, and the other does not like the details. Even if you do all the research though, you must include your partner. This ensures that there are no surprises and everyone is on the same page. In addition, both parties can use their strengths, and personality characteristics, to help with planning. “Usually”, introverts will do all the research to find the most cost-effective place and time, and extroverts will find the most popular areas or outings in the city. 

3. Going On a Long Trip Too Early: 

It is best to start small and choose a weekend destination that you can drive to, or a destination that you can reach in a quick flight. It is not the best idea to fly to a country 15 hours away and stay there for a month. Testing the waters with a shorter trip allows couples to determine how well they travel together. Adding new personalities and experiences can lead to a great life, but a short trip with just the two of you is the way to start, as soon as possible. 

4. Not Setting Restrictions On Technology and Work Hours: 

Whether you are just starting out or have been married for many years, technology can ruin any trip. One way to solve this problem is to restrict the use of social networks, or to establish a rule that the use of mobile phones is not allowed during meals or walks. Talking about this in advance can suppress any resentment. For those who can’t wholly log out due to work reasons, there should still be a clear plan in place, like checking email only in the morning, or when your partner is exploring alone. 

5. Don’t Create a Hectic Schedule: 

When planning your events and activities, don’t overdo it. There may be a natural desire to do everything, especially if this is your first time at your dream destination, but this will quickly backfire. The combination of over planning, stimulus overload, and jet lag can cause additional stress and conflict between partners. Flexible planning, or alternating a busy day with a relaxing day, can create more balance. 

6. Spending Too Much Time Together: 

Even though you absolutely adore each other, that doesn’t mean you have to be together all the time. It is absolutely acceptable, even necessary, to be separated for some time during the trip. This is especially good if you and your partner have different interests. Take some time alone to do your own favourite things. Getting together to enjoy a light meal or a museum tour in the afternoon can then provide a perfect time to connect, participate and enjoy.

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