6 Handy Hints For Safe LGBTQ Travel

Tips for gay travellers to visit the world safely.

Holidays and Travel 21st Sep, 2021

For LGBTQ travellers, making a trip abroad usually means thinking about security concerns, fears of discrimination, and stress, related to rules and restrictions. With this in mind, here are some suggestions to stay safe and make the most of your trip. 

Support LGBTQ Travel Companies: 

When harsh anti-LGBTQ laws entered into force in many countries worldwide, several gay people were immediately in danger. When planning your trip, choose an LGBTQ travel agency that knows which are the best countries to visit. LGBTQ travellers could actively support companies and companies with anti-discrimination solid policies. There are a couple of lists of gay-friendly tour operators. Just surf the web and try any of those.  

Get To Know The Local Laws and Customs In Your Destination:

Regardless of a country’s reputation, researching local laws and customs is vital for LGBTQ travellers. Around 70 countries have restrictive laws on sexuality and sexual orientation. Travellers can also check the Department of State of the United States for more updated information. On this site, you will find travel warnings about the most dangerous places to visit for LGBTQ. The Transgender National Equality Center also offers travel advice to anyone interested. 

Connect With Locals:

Connecting with locals of the LGBTQ community can be an indispensable resource to discover local culture and even find inclusive medical attention. Many travellers use Facebook, Instagram, and Grindr to meet people in new places. As a foreign person, there is a specific community aspect to these apps, enabling you to form bonds with the local gay community. 

Manage Your Expectations About Your Partner:

When traveling abroad for the first time with your gay partner, there is always a sense of trial. You will want to know how your partner reacts to several things. It can be tense if you let it be, but you need to manage your expectations. It is never good to set a high standard, especially when visiting another country. There will always be a high level of uncertainty and concern involved, but don’t wait to see how your partner will react. Aim to reach new comfort levels which can strengthen your relationship.  

Know Your Rights:

Air travel rights can be a point of discrimination for transgender and non-binary travellers. These can face further difficulties when passing through the security of the airport. The Transgender National Equality Center offers resources to know how to react in potentially inconvenient scenarios. Some potential obstacles are traveling with a passport whose gender marker does not coincide with the sex presentation. There are a variety of steps to follow before crossing to be as prepared as possible. For starters, ask your doctor for a letter of medical needs when traveling with needles or prostheses. Also, study local restrictions on prescription drugs. All travellers have the right to dignity and respect in security screenings. The National Transgender Equality Center urges transgender travellers to request a private detection or ask a supervisor if they ever feel uncomfortable.  

Don’t Let Fear Prevent You From Going Where You Want To Go: 

Travel experts agree that you should never give up going where you want to go because you feel afraid. LGBTQ travellers indeed face several difficulties, but there is nothing to fear if you follow the necessary tips. Do your research and visit the most amazing places in the world.

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