5 Fabulous Tips For Same-Sex Travel

Must-follow advice when traveling abroad with your partner.

Holidays and Travel 07th Aug, 2021

When it comes to traveling, it is essential to be safe and comfortable. While you need to have fun, you also need to be aware and safe. Unfortunately, when it comes to same-sex travel, this is not always the case. Some parts of the world are not as advanced as we would hope. It is imperative that, no matter where you go, you do as much research and preparation as possible, which will help make your trip go smoothly. Here you have some important tips for your travel as a gay couple. 

1. Always Prioritise Your Safety: 

Safety is a concern for many LGBTQ+ couples who plan to travel together. Choosing the right destination will make a difference, as some countries are gay-friendly while others are not. Of course, there are always grey areas. To start investigating, take a look at the best destination for gay couples. Pay attention to national laws, local attitudes, and the vibrancy of the gay attitude. 

2. Carefully Consider Anti-Gay Laws: 

Unfortunately, some tourist attractions worldwide have old anti-gay laws in places like Nigeria, Russia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Dubai. From past experiences, many of these tourist spots though do not necessarily enforce these laws, especially for foreigners! If this is not your first time traveling abroad, you need to be very cautious with PDAs in these places, and avoid waving the rainbow flag everywhere! The point is, as long as you are cautious, anti-gay laws shouldn’t stop you from going somewhere. 

3. Make Contact With Local Gays: 

Every major city has gay hotspots! Visiting these places is an excellent way to feel the gay vibe in any town. Not only is this a great way to meet new people, but it also means that we can learn about all the hidden gems a place has to offer. After all, the locals can give you a unique idea of ​​which bars to visit, and the best time to see them, in ways that the internet or brochures cannot provide. 

4. Find Gay-Friendly Accommodation: 

Before you travel, search for a room in gay-friendly accommodation and, if possible, book it yourself. Staying together not only ensures your safety, it also means that you are supporting the local LGBTQ+ community. Some cities offer gay hotels and hostels for LGBTQ+ people. They are easy to find because they are mainly marketed under the name of “gay hotels.” Other places may have a rainbow symbol on their website. In addition, the closer they are to a gay hotspot, the more likely that area is gay-friendly. 

5. Purchase Good Travel Insurance: 

It should go without saying that travel insurance can be a lifesaver. You will experience a lot of challenges, such as missed flights and lost luggage! Fortunately, if it happens, you always have the confidence of knowing that your insurance will cover it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that nothing will happen, especially if you only travel short distances, but in the unlikely event that something does happen, if your insurance doesn’t fully cover it, you will be in trouble. If you have private health insurance, check with your provider to see if the insurance covers accidents or injuries abroad. If they don’t do this, finding the right coverage is very easy and inexpensive.

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