5 Tips for Dating After a Break Up

How to pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

Relationships 21st Dec, 2020

All too often people feel pressured into dating again immediately after a break up. ‘Get back on the horse’ is a phrase that’s said far too often. Now is the time to stop listening to that advice, take some time out for yourself and heal. Then, when you’re ready, using these top tips as a guide, start again.

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After a Break Up:

Give Yourself Time:

Regardless of who in the relationship ended it, you are likely to have some emotional baggage. When you are able to think about what went wrong, or why the relationship fizzled out, acknowledge your part in that, you will be able to move on and avoid history repeating. A good indicator of when you may be ready to date again is when you constantly stop talking or thinking about your ex partner.

No Revenge Dating Allowed:

The temptation to revenge date may be overwhelming, particularly in cases of infidelity or the relationship ended badly. The only person you really hurt by this though is yourself. Take an honest look at your motives for dating. If you’re doing it to make your ex jealous, then you aren’t ready yet.

Get Your Stuff Back:

If you left anything at your ex partner’s home, or they left something at yours, and it’s still there, you are not ready to date someone new. When you reach the point when you can meet up and exchange items, or write them off, that’s another milestone successfully passed.

Get Used To Being Single:

If your previous relationship lasted longer than a few weeks, then you need to remember how wonderful being single can be. You can suit yourself, eat what you like, go out when it suits you and slob on the sofa whenever you fancy. Rediscover yourself and your favourite things to do and have some fun with your friends. If you can be happy alone, then you are far more likely to have a healthy relationship when you decide to date again.

You Notice When Someone Is Interested:

A good sign that you are truly ready is if you notice when someone is interested in dating you. That look in a bar, or the new flirty eyes from a friend at the office. Whatever it is, if you see it, you may be ready to act on it.

Ultimately the best thing to do is listen to your intuition. There’s no rush nor need to fall into a rebound relationship. Enjoy your time alone, being single and living life to the march of your own drum is fabulous when you embrace it. Then, if you want to date again you can start to reach out, knowing the next relationship will be for all the right reasons.

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