3 Ways To Cope With Insomnia

Try these helpful tips to get to the land of nod.

Stress 29th Dec, 2020

Insomnia is not uncommon. Whether you are a light or heavy sleeper, snorer or chatty, there will almost definitely be times where you struggle to drift off. There is nothing wrong with this, approximately 1 in 3 people have difficulty sleeping during their lifetime. The problems arise when you start to worry about reasons for lack of sleep, or overthink what will happen if you can’t shut down, which can lead to regular insomnia.

If you do have issues sleeping, rather than dwell on a cause, try the techniques below. However, be aware that while frequent insomnia is relatively rare, you may want to consult a doctor to check there are no underlying medical reasons.



Learn To Switch Off:

When you have been having problems sleeping the aim is to stop stimulating your brain. If you usually check social media, or play games on your phone before you go to sleep, then turn your phone off an hour before you go to bed. Take the time to relax, perhaps you could have a bath, just make sure you cool down again afterwards. It can take longer to fall asleep if you are too warm.

Meditation And Muscle Relaxation:

One of the most effective tips is emptying your mind. Thoughts will keep cropping up, calmly push them to one side and empty your mind again. The best way to learn how to do this is through meditation. There are many websites and apps which can help you meditate, the ones that are supported by charities or government organisations are generally the most well informed and useful.

In addition, or combination, learning muscle relaxation techniques can also help you get to sleep. While you are focusing on meditation or muscle relaxation, you are not thinking about trying to sleep and may, in fact fall asleep while doing the exercises. Both methods allow you to rest, therefore, even if you do not fall to sleep, you are more relaxed.

Sleep Apps:

There are dozens of sleep apps. Some use a distraction technique, telling rambling stories that make no sense in a calming tone, others use a selection of natural sounds like wind, or the ocean. Take a look and pick out the one’s that appeal to you.

When you trial the apps, give them a few nights, sometimes it takes time for them to work for you. If you have a partner then make sure you are using headphones, or they have ear plugs, the last thing you need is to keep them awake with the app you are hoping will help you sleep.

The most important tip is to be kind, don’t mentally punish yourself if a technique doesn’t work for you. Understand that different things work for different people. Above all, do not panic when you are struggling to sleep. This will only lead to lying in bed, worrying that you can’t sleep, which will keep you awake and make the situation worse.

We do not actually need that much sleep to function, so take a deep breath, calm down and just enjoy relaxing in your bed. If that leads to sleep, mission accomplished. If not, you are chilling out in bed, which, after all, is no bad thing.

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