Let It Go: 3 Reasons You Need To Free Your Children

3 reasons to help you let them go.

Children 11th Jan, 2021

One of the hardest parts of parenting is to let it go. From the first attempt to feed themselves to picking out an outfit, you can find reasons to step in. In order to let your children grow and learn, however, you have to let them do things for themselves, no matter how much food gets flung around the room, or how bizarre a mix of clothes they choose.

As your children get older, these milestones will continue to come up. You need to remember that in order to help them become fully rounded adults you have to give your child space to grow.

let it go

Let It Go:

Avoid Unintentional Damage:

Children need to make mistakes in order to learn. The more you do for them, or hold them back for fear of an accident or other consequence, the more you are sending a signal that they are not capable. This is not good for a child’s self-confidence. You need to allow them to rush off and fall off their bike, or choose not to wear a hat and get a little wet in order to learn, remember the lesson, possibly with a story they can tell as an adult (the afternoon I got road rash) and grow.

You Want To Help Them Develop:

For kids to fully own their achievements, they have to do tasks completely away from you. Whether that is homework, building a lego set, or getting on public transport alone as a teenager. You can be there to help if asked and/or be a cheerleader as required, but you do need to let them try the task alone. This will develop their skills and knowledge and give them a sense of accomplishment. This freedom and independence as a child is essential to becoming a successful adult.

Contentment Comes From Within:

Sometimes people subconsciously hold their children back to fulfil an emotional need. What you need to understand is that emotions come and go. Nobody is happy, or full of anxiety, or angry all the time. You will have moments of happiness with your children, just as you have moments of anger, fear, or frustration. True fulfilment doesn’t come from happiness, but learning to love and appreciate yourself. This will bring far more peace and help you become a better parent.

The thing you want most as a parent is to bring up a child who becomes a grounded adult. In order to do this, it is both possible and completely necessary to let go of your child. Fundamentally, you want them to learn good sense and morals from you as well as how to complete a task. The only way to know if you’ve succeeded is to let your kids do things on their own.

No matter how scary, or difficult it can feel at times, you do have the strength to let your child make their own decisions and mistakes. When you are asking yourself how, answer, because your child needs you to.

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