Celebrity Tricks: 3 Commonly Used to Look Fabulous

Tricks to improve your self confidence.

Attractiveness 04th Mar, 2021

Celebrity tricks aside, the media constantly bombards us with images of perfect looking celebrities. These photos and film clips are heavily staged and airbrushed, meaning it is almost impossible for you to ever look that good. Essentially, the images are an idealised version of that star. They never look as good in real life. In addition, the popularity and importance of social media in selling a brand means stars share shots that are called candid.

These are actually carefully lit with professionally applied makeup and tailored clothes. In order to get the next role, brand sponsor, or sell their products, the celebrities are expected to project a perfect version of their own lives. While many stars now reject this and post photos without makeup, or professional help, this is not something all celebrities have the power or self-confidence to do.

The damage this can do to your self-confidence may be very high, especially when you don’t know how much work goes into the photos/media spots of celebrities visiting a charity/movies etc. Knowing that it is very difficult to create this kind of image without a lot of money, equipment, knowhow and set up time can really help your mental health and improve your body confidence.

celebrity tricks

Celebrity Tricks:

Tailoring High Street Clothes:

The first thing you need to know is that when almost any celebrity buys high street clothes, from royalty, to actors, to sports stars, they then get them tailored to fit perfectly. Unless you do the same, it is impossible to look as good in those clothes as the stars do. Thinking that it is a problem with your body, the way you move, or the way you wear them is simply not true. What you can do instead is find out what styles fit your figure and wear them.

It could help to experiment, if you are beautifully curvy take a look at fashion based on the 1950s, when that shape was celebrated. If you have an athletic figure and no curves then try out 1920s and 1960s style clothes. Once you understand which basic shapes and styles suit your figure, you can start to mix and match eras, including vintage clothing with current fashion. Just remember, you look fabulous just as you are.

Lighting And Camera Angles:

Many of the images shared are very carefully lit. A double chin can be cast in shadow, grey, tired skin can look healthy and a shorter person made to look taller with forced perspective (put the smaller person nearer the camera and they look bigger). The majority of celebrities learn these tricks very early on, as people are carefully lit in interviews, movies and adverts. This means, even when taking photos with a phone, stars know how to light the image and the best angle to use. They may also have a good working knowledge of which filter to apply on social media. Some of the basics can be learned by anyone.

However, the hours and hours of time and expensive equipment it takes to set up the perfect photo, make it impossible and impractical for most people. The next time you take a quick selfie, or snap a pretty view remember that, enjoy how you, your friends and surroundings really look. Not how unnaturally pristine they would look if you had a professional lighting equipment and years of training on camera angles/focus/lens etc.


While some celebrities, photographers and magazines (both in print and online) aren’t using airbrushing anymore, the vast majority do. This includes movies. When a person, or as often happens, the whole set is airbrushed it may look perfect, but sets an ideal no one can reach. Wrinkles, spots and pores vanish, as does cellulite, stretch marks, frizzy hair and any other lumps and bumps.

This is not possible to replicate in real life. No matter how good your diet and fitness regime may be you can not look as good as an airbrushed image. When you stop holding yourself to this impossible standard, it can really help your mental health.

Ultimately celebrities are helped by dieticians and personal fitness trainers to look their best. Added to this they have professional makeup applied and learn tips from the makeup artists to apply at home. Then they have perfect lighting and camera angles/focus. Finally, every millimetre of the photo or movie is airbrushed, or filtered. Trying to recreate, or live up to this false perfectionism is incredibly damaging to self-image and mental health.

Once you understand that you can start to accept yourself as you are, wrinkles, curves, lack of curves and all. Which is a much healthier place to be.

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