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What is Gay Massage?

Gay Massage

What is often seen as the premise for many gay films of the more pornographic nature, Gay Massage is not that different to other forms of massage, but it involves gay people. If you’re watching the afore-mentioned films by the way, perhaps its time to find the right person. To satisfy inquisitive minds however, let’s delve into some of the nuances that make gay men prefer to use the services of a gay masseuse.

gay massage

What to Look Out For:


First and foremost, you must know what you are expecting from a ‘gay massage’. If you seriously have a sore neck and shoulders from working at your computer all day, or your legs are killing you from the nightly exercise you do around your neighbourhood, or you’re really after relief of a much more sexual nature. If it’s the latter, then we can’t really help you. If it’s anything like either of the former, make sure the person you hire is:

  • A fully qualified massage therapist
  • You found them from a reputable website or they were recommending by a friend, colleague or relative
  • You speak with them before making the booking to ensure they are who they say they are
  • Details like the price, in-home (that’s YOUR home) or on-premise (that’s THEIR place of work) are clearly stated.
  • If you’re going to their place of work, make sure to enquire what sort of dwelling it is i.e. office, home, shed etc.

“3 things you must do today: schedule a massage, get a massage, and schedule your next massage.” – Unknown

Safety, Trust, and Mutual Understandings:

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Whenever you invite someone into your home, there is always an element of personal safety that must be considered. In the case of a professional and their services, it may not necessarily be as high as bringing home a random from a nightclub, but it is still a consideration. It is also mutual i.e. you must trust them, and vice versa.

  • Personal belongings, and other valuables, should not be on display in the area in which you are being massaged. If you have a safe, this is the perfect place in which to place them. This may seem a little OTT, but the alternative is the loss of (often irreplaceable) items forever
  • Make sure that the space you provide for the massage is clean, clear of as much personal belongings as possible, and accessible, if possible, from a separate door from that usually used to enter your home
  • Ask your massage therapist what they will be bringing with them, what size space they require, and what sort of access they will require
  • Make sure you ask your massage therapist if there is anything specific they require to do their job
  • Be a good host and make sure some form of drink and food is available – if only as a courteous gesture

Types of Massage:


It is vital to know exactly what you’re looking for before you embark on the journey of finding someone to give your tired body a massage.

Be very specific in regard to materials you want used e.g. oil, cream, or the like. Also be very honest about how deep you want the want to massage to be – this includes how strongly you want the massage therapist to work his magic.

There are many types of massage, the most common being:

  • Full Body
  • Neck Only
  • Back Only
  • Legs Only
  • Arms Only
  • Or a Variety of two or more of those

The Benefits of Gay Massage:

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Quite simply – all the benefits you get from any other kind of massage, but from a gay guy – which, at the very least, should make you less conscious of your body an if the inevitable occurs down under (and yes, you do know what we mean), you can rest assured that it has happened to him at some stage too.

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